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Do Dental Braces Hurt?

Do Dental Braces Hurt?

Preparing for braces can be frightening, especially when you don’t know what to expect. You may be wondering, do dental braces hurt? What can I do to prepare? 


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First of all, we at Pearl Align Orthodontics to would like to tell you that it doesn’t hurt when the doctor is placing the dental braces on your teeth. You can sit back and relax before your placement appointment. 

However, you may experience some discomfort after a metal wire is inserted to help keep the braces in place. This soreness can last anywhere from four days to a week. After that, it’s good to go. 

If you’re still feeling anxious about your dental visit, it may help if you understand what you can expect from your appointment. 

Here’s what you should look forward to.

1. On the day of placement

As we mentioned before, it does not hurt all when the metal braces are put on. But the orthodontic wire placed afterward can be a little painful. You should expect some discomfort while chewing food. It means that it will take a little longer than usual to eat your meals. 

However, this happens because the braces are just setting in. It will take you some time to learn how to chew with the braces in your mouth, but it’s nothing to worry about. 

Remember to skip eating hard foods. Stay on a more liquid-based diet and indulge in soft foods like mac and cheese, yogurt, mashed potatoes, etc. It is applicable for the first few days after the placement day.

As your teeth adjust according to the braces, you are bound to feel a little sore. But this will get back to normal soon. 

2. First few days after the placement

As you may know by now, it’s common to feel some discomfort the first few days after the braces are placed. This happens because your teeth are still adjusting to the metal brackets and elastic ties. Also, now that the realignment process is beginning, your teeth are not used to this much pressure. 

To help relieve the soreness on the inside of your cheeks and lips, you have to apply wax/silicone over the metal or ceramic braces. Similarly, over the counter pain medication like ibuprofen should be taken as directed by your dentist. Make sure to check with your physician in case you have allergies to such medicines.

3. A week after the placement

Any lingering pain should clear up after five to seven days of placement. If not you can visit your Orthodontist for a consultation. By this point, chewing food gets easier. 


Your teeth have accommodated the braces and the archwire by now. While you can resume your regular diet after a week, it’s better to steer clear of any solid foods that may end up breaking the braces. Self ligating braces from American Orthodontics are more comfortable due to evenly distributed forces. Invisalign clear aligners are less painful & removable in case there is any discomfort.


As part of your treatment, it’s essential to follow up with any scheduled visits. Remember that this is all worth the smile you can give after your treatment is over! Any delays will only lead to a setback in attaining that beautiful smile after completing this process.

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