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State of the art orthodontic care by experienced Orthodontists, B.T.M Layout, Bangalore.

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Our center is equipped with the latest state of the art technology & equipment for all your Orthodontic needs. We believe in precise tooth movements.

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All Our Experienced Doctors Are Orthodontic, Invisalign & Pedodontic Certified Specialists From The Top Dental Universities in Bangalore.

He aims to provide the top notch & affordable Orthodontic treatments to our clients.

She aims to provide the best appliances including Invisalign to our clients.

She aims to provide every child with a precise Orthodontic treatment plan. She guides the other specialists with her work experience of 26 Years.

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Choose From Our Wide Range Of Affordable Orthodontic Services from American Orthodontics & Invisalign.


Metal braces are an affordable Orthodontic appliance which are capable of causing quick tooth movements & gets the job done. Starts at just 25000 Rs at Pearl Align. Treatment cost is just 950 per month.


Creamic braces are sightly more expensive but is still a cost effective Orthodontic treatment option. The are less visible and transparent. Starts at just 35000 Rs at Pearl Align. Treatment cost with easy EMI is just 1500 per month.



Self ligating braces from American Orthodontics are one of the most advanced and cause controlled & precise tooth movements in all directions. They cause quick tooth movements to give you a beautiful smile. They start from 65000 & can be metal or ceramic. Easy EMI Options are available at Pearl Align at just 5800 per month.


INVISALIGN is completely invisible & removable. Your doctor will give you a set of trays which you can change once in 21 days till the desired tooth positions are achieved. This is a patented technology from the U.S.A & Pearl Align has competitive pricing compared to the market price & easy EMI starting at 10000 Rs a month.

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Advanced Align Technology At PEARL ALIGN, Precise Tooth Movements & Orthodontic Treatments Like None Other using Treatment Simulations, Radio Visual Graphs, Lateral Cephalograms,  & orthopantomogram. 


Advanced Orthodontic Treatments at pearl align

Involves Facial Growth Modifications & Surgeries.

A prefabricated myofunctional appliance appears as a type of rubberized double mouth guard available in a limited range of sizes used to adjust a patient’s bite and guide eruption of the adult teeth. These types of dental braces are mostly for kids and teenagers.

Dental facial orthopedics is a treatment protocol which involves changing the shape, size and relationship of the bones in the jaw and face.

Corrective jaw surgery, or orthognathic surgery, is a group of procedures performed to correct dentofacial irregularities, most commonly manifested as misalignments of the jaws.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Your teeth look crowded or crooked.
  • Your jaw shifts or makes sounds.
  • You are constantly biting the sides of your cheek or hitting the roof of your mouth.
  • You have a difficult time chewing your food.

Braces can straighten misaligned teeth, contributing to healthy gums and teeth. Straighter teeth are easier to clean, brush, and floss. Braces can help you maintain excellent oral hygiene and prevent future periodontal disease and cavities.

On an average, dental braces cost in Bangalore starts at 25000Rs & goes up to 75000Rs.

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