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Orthodontist in Bangalore for Invisalign. Self-ligating metal braces & ceramic braces from American Orthodontics made affordable at Pearl Align dental care.

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Our experienced Orthodontic specialists are committed to aligning your teeth for a perfect smile using Invisalign, traditional braces & advanced self-ligating bracket mechanisms!

Dr. Vivek completed his BDS form the reputed RV dental college & hospital in Bangalore in the year 2014 followed by his MDS in Orthodontics from the same institution. He treats more than a 100 orthodontic cases at Pearl Align Orthodontic Clinic every year.

Dr. Vani completed her BDS form the reputed Government dental college & hospital in Bangalore which is one of the best dental colleges in Karnataka. She completed her masters, MDS in Orthodontics from the Krishnadevaraya College Of Dental Sciences & Hospital.

Dr. Kiran completed his BDS followed by his MDS in Orthodontics from the Rajiv Gandhi university of health sciences. He has treated more that 100 cases using advanced self-ligating braces which use a active and passive bracket mechanism to achieve the desirable tooth positions.


Our state of the art technology is equipped with all the diagnostic tools to straighten teeth. Metal wired traditional braces with metal brackets are affordable to many. Orthodontic treatment simulations can be given from our I tero scans and Orthopantamogram.

An orthopantomogram also called a full mouth x ray is used to detect any underlying tooth decay, unerupted wisdom teeth before starting treatment with any orthodontic appliance.


Our Orthodontist after years of training in a dental school had mastered the art of providing the latest orthodontic appliances. These appliances include self-ligating braces and Invisalign after precise diagnosis and treatment planning.


Orthodontic treatment using the right treatment plans such as 3D intraoral scanners move the teeth to the desired position. Complex tooth movements are possible using the latest appliances such as Damon braces. Many orthodontic appliances require fixed appliances but Invisalign can be given to patients who want an invisible and removable option.

Traditional metal braces are highly efficient when it comes to braces work. This stainless steel orthodontic appliance move the teeth very efficiently ad they consist of metal brackets for precise movements. The attached wire to the bracket apply the desired forces on the tooth.

Metal types of braces are a less expensive option, compared to ceramic braces or Invisalign to straighten teeth and are the first line of orthodontic treatment for many dental professionals. Oral health has to be maintained by using an Orthodontic toothbrush between the rubber bands and metal wires to prevent dental problems such as gum disease while they are in the process of correcting crooked teeth. metal dental braces cost in Bangalore usually starts from 25000 INR.

Ceramic braces are very similar to traditional braces. Orthodontic treatment is carried out using tooth-colored ceramic brackets which are less visible, instead of metal brackets to align the teeth for a beautiful smile.

The treatment time can take a little longer than metal braces because there can be lesser traction between the elastic bands which are made of ceramic material in this type of braces. The teeth and jaw remodeling occurs similar to any other fixed orthodontic appliance. Ceramic dental braces cost in Bangalore usually starts from 35000 INR.

Self-ligating braces are used by many Orthodontists in Bangalore more or less like traditional braces,

The difference in ligating brackets is that orthodontic treatments are carried out without elastics and rubber bands inserted into the metal bracket that usually causes the teeth to move.

They are of two types

Active self-ligating bracket systems

The active appliance can hold the wire which is more thicker. It can cause quicker tooth movement thus reducing the overall treatment time. The metal wire is used is made of stainless steel and causes lesser abrasions and discomfort to the patient during the treatment.

Passive self-ligating bracket systems

These conventionally ligated brackets use thinner wires but have the same sliding mechanics. It is easier to maintain Oral hygiene with thinner wires as the toothbrush can reach more surfaces of the teeth.

Self-ligating braces are gaining popularity since they are more advantageous compared to the conventional brackets. They also come as twin brackets which have an opened and close system.

Orthodontic treatment with Invisalign is one of the most preferred options nowadays for patients who are not comfortable with traditional braces. Invisalign aligners will be provided by your orthodontist after diagnosing your malocclusion. Invisalign treatment involves wearing a set of trays that will gradually straighten teeth according to the treatment plan.

The Invisalign align technology goes a long way in correcting crooked teeth. Find a doctor close by, as your aligners can be replaced easily if there is any wear or tear. Invisalign braces are easily removable and completely transparent so that no one can notice them while they move your teeth to the desired position to give you a beautiful smile. No other clear aligners can be an alternative to Invisalign clear aligners as its technology is patented as intellectual property by Invisalign USA.

Lingual braces are also called Incognito braces. They are an ideal option for those who prefer virtually invisible braces, not to be seen during the orthodontic treatment process. They are bonded to the lingual surface (back) of your teeth & apply the desirable forces to cause tooth movements. They are provided by a certified lingual Orthodontist in Bangalore.

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Orthodontic Facts

what is an orthodontist
what is an orthodontist

An orthodontist is a dental specialist who receives three more years of training after general dentistry to learn the mechanics of tooth movements in a dental school. Their main job is to diagnose malocclusions that might lead to unpleasant aesthetics and hampers functionality such as chewing.

Many people especially with crooked teeth in the upper jaw seek orthodontic treatment.

Orthodontists are very meticulous about treatment planning before you wear braces. Our Orthodontists in Bangalore at Pearl Align aim to give each patient of theirs a beautiful smile by using the latest orthodontic appliances.

how can orthodontic treatment help
how can orthodontic treatment help

You can opt for orthodontic treatment to achieve the following results

Orthodontic treatment can help you when it comes to correcting an improper bite. Before starting treatment your Orthodontist will assess you bite by taking an impression which will replicate your tooth structure. The cast is made of stone that will cover your front teeth and upper jaw as well.

Orthodontic appliances will move the teeth to the proper position which will improve speech as the tongue will fall on a more aligned surface and the roof of the mouth to improve pronunciation.

Your ability to chew food well be improvised as the teeth will fall into the proper occlusion.

Orthodontic treatment options with Invisalign will improve oral health and the health of your gums a food lodgement will be lesser when crooked teeth are aligned. Invisalign comprehensive is one of the most advanced types of dental braces right now.

Wisdom teeth can erupt freely without any disruption when fixed appliances which are used at an early age to straighten teeth.

Active treatment can create complex tooth movements leading to good oral hygiene thus preventing conditions such as tooth decay due to sugary foods and drinks.

Occlusion as terminology is used by dentists and Orthodontists if the upper teeth in harmony with the lower teeth.

Malocclusion occurs when the upper teeth are not in harmony with the lower teeth. Malocclusions usually depend on the genetic makeup of the patient if there is a discrepancy in the jaw size, that is if one of the jaw sizes is inherited from one parent and the other from the other parent.

Braces options at Pearl Align Orthodontics

Morden day Orthodontics has evolved into many appliances that our clients can choose from!

Traditional braces with metal brackets

Metal braces are the oldest and time tested Orthodontic appliances to move teeth that you might find in many people. ,Thanks to the self ligation technology which eliminates all the metal wires made of stainless steel and attachments morden metal brackets are smaller is size t make them less noticeable to others. They come as passive and active which can be used during different stages of the Orthodontic treatment!

Ceramic types of braces

Ceramic braces come in different shapes and sizes depending on whether they have self ligating brackets or non self ligating brackets. They can be made to seamlessly blend with your tooth colour making them way less noticeable compared to metal braces. Our dentist or Orthodontists at Pearl Align Orthodontics can even use tooth-colored wires to make them even more less noticeable. These braces work to straighten teeth and puts pressure on the teeth that have to be aligned.

Invisalign clear aligners

Invisalign clear aligners are completely transparent, removable and comfortable to wear. The number of aligners provided by our Invisalign certified Orthodontist depends on the treatment plan and duration and the extent of tooth movements that are required. Invisalign over the past few years has evolved to treat even complex cases such as deep bites.

Lingual Braces

These are the same as wearing braces, except that our orthodontist places it behind your dental arch on the upper and lower jaw.

On an average, dental braces cost in Bangalore starts at 23000 Rs for metal braces and 35000 Rs for ceramic braces.


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Power chains are a linked row of elastics that are used by our Orthodontists at Pearl Align to correct several anomalies. They’re mostly used in combination with metal brackets attached to your teeth to align them. Learn more – https://www.pearlalignbraces.com/power-chain-braces/

Invisalign vs traditional braces, weighing the pros & cons of each.

The two most common forms of dental braces are the traditional rudimentary braces, as well as the Invisalign braces. Both have their own respective set of advantages and disadvantages, that are worth knowing to select the best one for you. Learn more – https://www.pearlalignbraces.com/invisalign-vs-regular-braces/

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