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Say good bye to crooked teeth with Pearl Align Orthodontic care

Your doctors at Pearl Align are committed to aligning your teeth for an amazing smile using the latest types of Orthodontic braces from brands like Damon & American Orthodontics.


types of dental braces at Pearl Align

We carer to a clientile that prefers personalised Orthodontic care. We have 3 experienced Orthodontists who have treated more than 500 cases so far using braces & Invisalign. They provide customised treatment plans for every patient.

Traditional metal braces are one of the oldest types of braces used in orthodontic treatment. Metal braces consist of various parts such as brackets and wires that are made of stainless steel.

For more than a decade they have been used in orthodontic treatment plans and are suitable for children and adults with various malocclusions. They conduct timely & precise tooth movement when combined with elastics such as rubber bands & metal wires.

Cost of metal braces in Bangalore

The metal variants are very affordable starting at just 32000 INR at Pearl Align.

advanced Metal self-ligating braces

Self-ligating braces are more advanced compared to the traditional types of braces.

They have ligating brackets that need no ligature wires or elastics such rubber bands that are present in traditional braces to conduct tooth movements. The application of excessive forces to move your teeth to the desired position can also be avoided. Thanks to their special clips that hold the wire using the twin brackets system made of stainless steel or ceramics.

With the reduction in the number of Orthodontic components ligating braces are easier to adjust. Your Orthodontic treatment time is also reduced Your Orthodontist will also find it easier to plan the treatment using Self-ligating braces. During your follow-up visits your Orthodontists at Pearl Align will find it easier to open & close the brackets. This reduces your appointment time on the dental chair.

 The self-ligating metal braces have a smooth finish, unlike conventional braces that have metal ties and elastic ties. This prevents any injuries to the soft tissues such as the lips & cheeks. Lesser components in self-ligating systems also ensure better oral hygiene as they can be cleaned easily.

There are two types of self-ligating braces

Passive self-ligating braces

These have smaller wires with lesser friction allowing free tooth movement. Your Orthodontists at Pearl Align will bond these passive appliances usually during the initial stages of your orthodontic treatment for the teeth to move.

Self- ligating braces with active mechanisms

Your Orthodontist at Pearl Align will use this during the final stages of your treatment to get a properly aligned finish. Thicker archwires are clipped to these brackets and will have more with greater friction to conduct more precise tooth movements.

Self-ligating braces form American Orthodontics cost 68000 INR for the metal variant & 76000 INR

Ceramic Braces - Traditional variants

Ceramic braces are the same as metal braces in function and are made of tooth-colored material instead of metal brackets.

Ceramic material has lower friction holding the wire to the brackets. Due to this the tooth movement will be slower, hence they might take more time to straighten your teeth.

A good candidate for these types of braces are people who prefer less visibility compared to traditional metal braces. Thanks to its ceramic brackets that match your tooth color they have a very subtle appearance during your Orthodontic treatment!

The cost of ceramic braces at Pearl Align starts at 38000 INR.

advanced ceramic self-ligating braces

These are the same as metal self-ligating braces but the brackets are made of ceramic. They are less visible and evident, which makes them compatible with the lifestyles of many adult dental patients. 

They have the same advanced ligature components and act in a similar way to align your teeth.

Ceramic self-ligating types of dental braces costs around 73000 INR at Pearl Align Orthodontic clinics in Bangalore.

Invisalign Clear Aligners - Invisible Braces

If you don’t prefer self-ligating or traditional fixed braces you have a convenient option. You might be the right candidate for these invisible braces which are transparent and removable.

These clear aligners are one of the latest patented appliances by Align technology USA. They use smart track material that is gaining popularity with many clients who are opting for orthodontic treatment these days. At Pearl Align we use a 3d digital scan and a treatment simulation software to create a custom treatment plan.

The main advantage of Invisalign aligners is that they are close to invisible. While wearing your aligners, very comfortable while moving your teeth when compared to metal braces or ceramic braces. They are 3d printed with AI integration to enable precise tooth movements.

Only experienced Invisalign trained doctors to conduct this treatment at Pearl Align Orthodontics. They are certified Orthodontists with hands-on training with clincheck treatment simulation software & iTero scanning techniques.

Your Invisalign treatment will start with a dental check-up & ultrasonic cleaning. An intraoral scan is taken followed by the demonstration & explanation. You can see the approximate result of the Orthodontic treatment with our AI simulation!

Smartforce composite attachments matching your tooth colour are bonded to the targeted teeth. The Invisalign aligners sit on the attachments to apply forces for 22 hours a day that is required for straightening teeth. Unlike traditional braces, treatment times vary. The estimated treatment time depends on the number of hours the aligners are worn each day by the client.

Invisalign cost starts at 92000 INR for the lite variant and is available with easy EMI options at Pearl Align Orthodontics.

Lingual Braces

Lingual braces are commonly known as incognito braces. They correct malocclusions similar to regular traditional braces. The only difference is that are not visible from the front when you speak or smile. They are called incognito hidden braces because they are placed behind your teeth.

Lingual braces are usually preferred by many working professionals where the role demands aesthetics. & socialites who are conscious about the brackets and wires. Nowadays many teenagers who are conscious also explore this Orthodontic treatment option as incognito braces are virtually invisible

These types of braces are modified for a custom fit by a lingual orthodontic trained specialist. They are then adapted to fit your dental arch perfectly using your dental impression. The patient can choose lingual metal braces or ceramic braces. The chosen variant is then bonded to each tooth taking into consideration the size and shape of your teeth.

The archwires are placed behind the teeth connecting them to the clips. Ideal Orthodontic forces are then applied that will straighten your teeth. lingual orthodontic brackets are placed all together using a custom made dental tray holding them in the desired position. Whereas in traditional braces they are placed one by one.

Your Orthodontist will require more chairside time to adjust the wires & brackets. Followup appointments while you wear these lingual braces, as the treatment is more technique sensitive. Your front teeth will look absolutely normal from the anterior view while these braces work form the back! Thorough teeth cleaning is with an ultrasonic scaler by a dentist before starting your treatment with lingual orthodontics.

Braces for kids

When the mandible ( lower jaw) is bigger compared to the upper jaw it results is conditions such as underbite. Conversely, when the lower jaw is smaller than the upper jaw (maxillae) it results in conditions such as an overbite. This happens when the child inherits the size of one jaw form a parent and vice versa.

If baby teeth are lost due to trauma or habits such as thumb sucking before the permanent teeth erupt. This can result in an empty space that may result in the adjacent teeth drifting into it. A pediatric dentist will first diagnose any probable Orthodontic condition in the future. They will then work with orthodontists recommend treatment plans to avoid the severity.

The Orthodontists at Pearl Align will craft preventive Orthodontic appliances or determine if braces for kids are required. The American association or orthodontists recommend your child’s first Orthodontic checkup at the age of 8.

Preventive orthodontic treatments such as space maintainers before the age of 7 can prevent malocclusions. Components such as metal wires and rubber bands are not used in the above case ensuring that the kids feel comfortable. Myofuctional appliances for kids move teeth using the forces delivered by the surrounding muscles. They don’t too much pressure on the teeth to ensure your children’s comfort.

Kids can either choose metal braces or ceramic braces. Custom colors, types of braces are also available for kids that straighten teeth with the same mechanisms. Lingual braces are not recommended for kids.

Your child will have to wear a retainer for a few months after the braces are removed. The retention phase is to maintain the alignment (straight teeth) & position achieved! Early childhood braces cost around 25000 INR at Pearl Align Orthodontics. The price may vary depending on the complexity of the malocclusion & treatment time needed by your Orthodontist.

Myo functional Orthodontic Appliances & myo braces

These dental braces use the forces generated by the surrounding oral muscles to move the teeth. These are not so popular as they lack relevant advertising. They are very effective during the mixed dentition stage, especially in kids.

These orthodontic appliances use these natural forces to help with tooth eruption. They can also improve facial aesthetics by modifying jaw growth & creates an ideal relationship between the dental arches.

They are of two types depending on the supporting structure that delivers the desirable forces.

A – Tooth borne types, these are supported by inclined planes.

B- Once that is supported by your soft tissue such as lips & cheeks. These also take some support from the teeth.

C- The variants that take support from the area below your gums and some support from the teeth. These include appliances such as the lip bumpers & vestibular screens.

The dental braces can either be fixed functional appliances or removable. They are determined depending on the muscle’s function & patient compliance while wearing the appliances. A few of the removable appliances developed to include the myo braces, twin block appliances & functional regulators.

There are also fixed appliances given by the Orthodontist when patient compliance & motivation is less. These are suitable for kids & teenagers. These include the Herbst appliances that improve functionality and performance when there is a forward inclination of the upper incisors. The work very effectively when used with dental braces.

Myo braces are very effective for kids & teenagers to prevent crooked teeth in the future. They are comfortable to wear for many kids. Myo braces can also be easily removed when needed. The cost of myo braces starts at 6000 INR at Pearl Align Orthodontics.

Orthodontic Retainers after dental braces treatment

Orthodontic retainers are placed after your treatment with dental braces. They can be a removable retainer or fixed retainer depending on your convenience and the Orthodontists treatment plan. Retainers after braces can also be temporary or permanent. Both the above retainers come with their own pros & cons

Your Orthodontist at Pearl Align will choose the most suitable dental retainer. Your doctor will consider many factors such as the patient’s compliance & lifestyle needs. A combination of different types of lingual retainers can also be used. They help in preventing any to teeth move back to the original positions after successful treatments.

Retainers anchor your straightened teeth & a beautiful smile that has been achieved. They are placed when the dental braces are removed for around 6 to 12 months behind the upper and lower teeth. Effective Orthodontic care at peal align includes the retention phase in the treatment planning stage itself.

This prevents any relapse and restores effective oral health. Wisdom teeth are usually removed before the Orthodontic treatment so that they don’t apply unnecessary forces.

You can either wear a retainer that is removable such as the Hawleys retainer or plastic retainers. You can also opt for a fixed permanent retainer when a thin metal wire is placed behind the teeth.

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