Metal Braces In Bangalore - From American Orthodontics at Pearl Align

Metal braces in Bangalore from American Orthodontics at Pearl Align. Affordable treatment from experienced Orthodontists at BTM Layout.

TRADITIONAL METAL BRACES from american orthodontics at pEARL Align

Affordable treatment from experienced orthodontists

253 successful cases treated using traditional braces in the year 2019.

Location – BTM Layout, Bangalore

Say good bye to crooked teeth with metal braces

Your Orthodontists at Pearl Align are committed to aligning your teeth for an amazing smile using high quality, time tested &  cost effective traditional braces.


How do metal Braces work

They work by applying the desired forces on the teeth moving them to the desired position.

Traditional braces have components such as archwires and metal brackets. These components are used to deliver the desired forces to straighten teeth. They act faster than ceramic braces due to the higher friction between the metal wires & the Orthodontic brackets.

Orthodontic treatment using metal appliances from American Orthodontics is faster than ceramic braces. This is because the wire to the bracket fiction in is higher. These types of braces are the most time tested and most widely used appliances. They work very well to move teeth to the desired position in children and adults by Orthodontists. They are the most commonly used dental braces in Bangalore.

Metal Braces cost at Pearl Align Orthodontics

Transparent pricing is what we believe in! Traditional braces treatment is very affordable at Pearl Align Orthodontics. They can be combined with power chain braces to fasten the treatment with optimal Orthodontic forces.

They cost 35000 INR. They are less expensive compared to ceramic braces in Bangalore and perform the same Orthodontic treatment mechanisms.

The treatment might exceed by 6000 to 7000 INR if there are some complex orthodontic corrections

Retainers are placed after the treatment is done to stabilize the teeth. Retainers cost 4000 INR for regular metal retainers & 5000 INR for transparent removable retainers.

Easy EMI options are available at Pearl Align for orthodontic braces. A downpayment of 5000 INR followed by 3000 INR to 6000 INR for the next 5 to 10 months is available.

Our experienced Orthodontists believe in affordable & high-quality appliances making them accessible & easy on the wallet for many individuals!

Metal braces faqs

Do metal braces hurt? As we mentioned before, it they hurt when the braces are put on. But after the wire is placed they can be a little painful comparatively. Learn more –

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