Dental Braces Cost in Bangalore, India

What is the approximate cost for dental braces in a city like Bengaluru?

The advancement of orthodontics in recent years has given rise to various treatment options as well as types of braces. Treatments such as Invisalign have disrupted the field by using 3D scanning, tooth movement simulation and data science. It has also changed orthodontic treatment in terms of the materials used. Fixed appliances, metal braces have now been replaced by clear and removable aligners that need minimal bonding material.

Since the cost of the Invisalign treatment process is still high and the number of qualified orthodontic specialist who provides such treatments is low, braces and braces work is still very much the norm says Dr. Vivek Aithal Orthodontist & Invisalign specialist.

Dr. Vivek is an orthodontist in Bangalore who graduated from RV Dental school and practices with a team of experienced Pediatric dentists at a dental clinic in Whitefield Bangalore.

Whether it is crooked teeth, bad bites or facial growth, braces are a commonly used appliance that puts pressure and ensures correction while maintaining good oral health.

In the following questions, we try and answer some of the questions regarding cost and the different types of dental braces that are most commonly used in orthodontic treatments in India.

What is Self Ligating braces and how much does it cost?

Self-ligating braces are fitted in the same way as traditional metal braces. The primary difference lies in the way the material adjusts accordingly during treatment. It consists of a memory wire that is inserted into the brackets and self adjusts. The memory wires apply pressure gradually and slowly thus using less force.

Self-ligating braces are faster, less painful and also less visible compared to traditional braces. Self-ligating braces are available in metal and ceramic. The price starts at INR 70,000 for metal and INR 80,000 for ceramic self-ligating braces.

How much do lingual braces cost in India?

Lingual braces are similar to metal braces in terms of functionality in Orthodontics and material used. The difference with these types of orthodontic braces is that they are placed on the inside of the teeth. It is good to take medical advice before deciding on Lingual braces as it may not be suitable if the front teeth are not long enough.

For adults who may feel conscious or have lifestyles that may not be suitable for traditional braces, lingual braces are the preferred affordable alternative to Invisalign. Lingual braces start at INR 80,000 and are slightly more expensive than traditional braces since it is custom made in a laboratory to suit each individual all performed by experienced Orthodontists in Bangalore.

How much does invisible braces cost in Bangalore?

Invisalign is the most expensive and most advanced orthodontic care. The reason for the high price is that it consists of a series of 20-40 Invisalign clear aligners that are 3D Printed. These custom made aligners are manufactured based on the week by week simulation of teeth movements.

Invisalign is a global phenomenon especially among adults who do not wish to wear braces. Invisalign cost in Bangalore India ranges between INR 1,00,000 to INR 4,00,000 depending on the number of aligners required. A quick and simple 3D scan using I-Tero will help determine the number of aligners and the price.

At Growing Smiles, one of the preferred Invisalign and Orthodontic treatment providers in Bangalore, the price starts from INR 80,000 for Invisalign Lite(7 aligners) and can go up to 3 lac for comprehensive treatments which enable unlimited aligners.

Is dental braces covered in any health insurance in India?

There are very few dental insurance providers in India. Dental Insurance does not cover cosmetic treatments, orthodontics or pediatric orthodontics in Bangalore. The few plans that exist mostly cover accidental damage. Some dental plans cover orthodontic treatment for kids under 18. If you are looking for coverage, you may avail supplemental orthodontic insurance as part of your plan but very few providers carry such a plan.

Are there any payment plans available?

Orthodontic treatment can often be an expensive affair. But when planned well in advance, it can be a life-changing decision and is easy on the pocket. Consumer finance loans can be easily availed that can help stagger payments. These loans are availed instantly and the interest rates range between 14% to 18%. Many orthodontic providers have partnered with consumer loan providers. Orthodontic treatments can often go up to two years. If planned properly, the monthly payments can be reduced and staggered over the treatment course. Invisalign in Bangalore has easy interest free EMI plans provided by the Invisalign Bangalore corporate team itself. Talk to your orthodontist about payment plans and make sure that you make a sound financial decision before starting treatment.

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