Self-ligating braces from American Orthodontics in Bangalore at Pearl Align

Self-ligating braces from American Orthodontics in Bangalore at Pearl Align Orthodontic clinic. Experienced Orthodontists in BTM Layout.

Advanced Self-ligating braces from American Orthodontics at Pearl Align

Affordable treatment from experienced orthodontists

94 successful cases treated using Self-ligating braces in the year 2019.

Location – BTM Layout, Bangalore

Say good bye to crooked teeth with self-ligating Braces

Your doctors at Pearl Align are committed to aligning your teeth for an amazing smile using high quality, advanced & cost effective self ligating braces.


Selfligating braces consist of similar components as the traditional braces. The only differences are that these types of braces don’t need elastics bands or power chains to facilitate the desired tooth movements. Self-ligating braces are available under two variants i.e in metal & ceramic.

The type of bracketing in this system uses an advanced clip that holds the wire. This can avoid the use of rubber bands by your Self-ligating braces specialist.

The alignment results are faster with these active brackets. The size of the self-ligating bracketing system is smaller than metal braces. This reduces discomfort during your Orthodontic treatment and looks more aesthetic with better Oral hygiene. Self-ligating brackets are also available in lingual braces.

Thanks to the above mechanism of action that moves the teeth faster. The Orthodontic treatment time with advanced self-ligating braces system lesser compared to regular metal or ceramic braces. Another advantage is that there are no metal ties or elastic ties making the treatment more comfortable. 

Self-ligating cost at Pearl Align Orthodontics

Transparent pricing is what we believe in! Self-ligating braces are very affordable at Pearl Align Orthodontics.

They cost cost 65000 INR for the metal variant & 75000 INR for the ceramic variant. 

Easy EMI options are available for Self-ligating braces from American Orthodontics at Pearl Align. A downpayment of 30000 INR followed by 2900 INR to 3200 INR for the next 12 months is available.

Our experienced Orthodontists believe in affordable & high-quality appliances making them accessible & easy on the wallet for many individuals!

Self-ligating Orthodontic faqs

Self ligating braces thanks to their mechanism of action are more comfortable and less painful compared to traditional metal or ceramic braces. Learn more –

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